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Omega Roofing is a local roofing team in Swindon, with extensive experience in roofing and repairs. Our fully qualified specialists handle domestic, commercial, and industrial pitched roofing.

Committed to customer satisfaction, we back our work with an impressive 10-year guarantee, complemented by a 10-year manufacturer warranty on materials. From residential to large projects, we ensure lasting results for valued clients.

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Expert Roofing Contractors

Our Pitched Roofing Services in Swindon

As expert roofers in Swindon with many years of experience, we cover all roofing requirements, see our new roof services below.

Tiled Roofs

Enhance the beauty and durability of your home with our expert tiled roof installation services. Our skilled team ensures top-quality craftsmanship and long-lasting results.

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Slate Roofs

Elevate the elegance and longevity of your property with our professional slate roof installation services. Our team specialises in precision work and high-quality slate materials.

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Trust our skilled roofers to provide top-notch leadwork solutions for your roofing needs. We specialise in lead flashing, guttering, and more, ensuring your roof is protected and pleasing.

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Expert Roofing Contractors

Our Pitched Roofing Services in Swindon

As expert roofers in Swindon with many years of experience, we cover all roofing requirements, see our roof services below.

Trusted Tiled Roofing Specialists Swindon

In the UK, both clay and concrete roofing tiles enjoy significant popularity as roofing materials, particularly for residential properties. These custom-made roof tiles not only enhance the aesthetics of your roof but also offer a reliable and enduring roofing solution.

At Omega Roofing, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of clay and concrete tiles, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your preferred colour, design and budget.

Our team of qualified tile roofers is dedicated to delivering top-quality service. We offer free roof surveys in Swindon to evaluate the condition of your roof. Should any repairs or maintenance be required, rest assured that our skilled professionals can swiftly and effectively address the issues, all backed by our comprehensive guarantee.

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Approved Slate Roofing Experts Swindon

Our team of seasoned slate roofers boasts extensive experience, is fully qualified and insured. We have been proudly serving Swindon for many years, establishing ourselves as a premier slate roofing specialist in the area. We work exclusively with the finest materials, ensuring that you receive the utmost quality in slate roofing and repairs, suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Opting for slate roofs in Swindon assures you of robust protection against the harshest of weather conditions. Additionally, the advantage of slate roofing lies in its resilience, as individual slate tiles can typically be replaced to rectify any physical damage caused by adverse weather, preserving the integrity of your roof. Rest easy knowing your property is in capable hands with our expert slate roofing team.

Leadwork & Roof Flashing Replacement Swindon

Roof flashing and leadwork serve the critical function of diverting water away from vital roof fixtures like chimneys, vents and skylights. When these components fail, the potential for water infiltration arises, leading to potential property damage that can be both costly and troublesome to rectify.

At Omega Roofing, we offer a specialised roof flashing and leadwork replacement service conducted with utmost professionalism and craftsmanship, backed by a robust guarantee of long-lasting performance. Regardless of the scope of your project, our skilled roofing experts are adept at swiftly replacing worn or deteriorating flashing, ensuring that your property remains safeguarded against the risk of water seepage. Count on us to maintain the watertight integrity of your property.

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Pitched Roof Repairs & Maintenance Experts Swindon

At Omega Roofing, we provide tailored solutions for pitched roof repairs in Swindon. Our experienced team is committed to maintaining the highest standards in pitched roof repair and installation.

If you're dealing with issues like leaks or damage, we offer professional roof surveys to assess the necessary repairs and provide a free quote.

We aim to efficiently restore your pitched roof to its optimal condition, saving you time and money.

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With full public liability insurance, competitive prices and our skilled workforce, we remain the preferred roofing contractors in Swindon.

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